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2019 CCC Bracket is posted

Get your popcorn ready!

The 2019 Capitol City Classic varsity tournament bracket has been released.

"It's an exciting time," said Assistant Tournament Director Benjamin Collier. "People are excited to see the match-ups of some great teams competing in the Capitol City Classic for the coveted Johnny Leonard trophy."

The CCC is seeded by a secret committee of five peope, and some consideration is given to travel schedules for out-of-area teams. In addition, the Tournament does not have the #16 seed play the #1 seed; instead, every year the #16 seed is swapped into another slot in the hopes of creating better competitive balance. The slots to be swapped in this manner are determined before the seeding committee meets.

Tickets are on sale now at .


Central Panthers ('18-19: T3rd in Mid-Willamette Valley; OSAA 5A Round of 16 State Tourney team)

Corvallis Spartans ('18-19: 12-11; 2nd in Mid-Willamette Valley; OSAA 5A Rd of 16 State Tourney team)

Lanier Longhorns (GA) ('18-19: 17-10; Region champions 1st time in school history; State Tourney)

Parkrose Broncos ('18-19: 18-6; 3rd in NWOC; hosted OSAA 5A State tourney Round of 16 game )

Rancho Christian Eagles (CA) ('18-19: 26-6; League champions; competed in CA Open State Tournament; USA Today pre-season Top 10 team in nation)

Scappoose Indians ('19-20: Northwest Oregon Conference program making first appearance in CCC)

Sherwood Bowmen ('18-19: 21-6; Pacific champions; Sweet 16, OSAA 6A State Tournament)

Silverton Foxes ('18-19: 25-3; Mid-Willamette champions; 3rd place, OSAA 5A State Tourney)

South Salem Saxons ('18-19: 23-6; Mtn. Valley Conf. champions; 3rd place, OSAA 6A State Tourney)

Sprague Olympians ('18-19: 15-10; 3rd place Mountain Valley Conf.; qualifier, OSAA 6A State Tourney)

Thurston Colts ('18-19: 20-7; 2018 OSAA 5A State Champions; 6th place, 2019 OSAA 5A State Tourney)

Tigard Tigers ('18-19: 17-11; 2nd place Three Rivers League; 3rd at CCC; Elite 8, OSAA 6A State Tourney)

West Albany Bulldogs ('18-19: T3rd in Mid-Willamette Valley; won 11 of final 15 games last season)

West Salem Titans ('18-19: 15-10; 2nd place Mountain Valley Conf.; qualifier, OSAA 6A State Tourney)

Wilson Trojans ('19-20: Portland Interscholastic League program making first appearance in CCC)

Wilsonville Wildcats ('18-19: 27-2; NWOC champions; 2019 OSAA 5A State Champions)

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